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How do you know when it’s time to change your job? When the challenge has gone from the job is a good time but there are many reasons why people seek out a new job such as :-

  • When work relationships break down or worse still you don’t get on with your boss and every single day becomes a strain.
  • You have come to the end of the line as far as promotion is concerned and after ten years in your office soaking up all the false promises of promotion, you finally wake up and realise it’s never going to happen.
  • The hour and a half commute on the East Coast line has become so unreliable that you need to leave your job voluntarily before your boss sacks you.
  • You are not fit enough to do your job successfully anymore and need to find alternative employment.
  • You fancy a change of direction and want to give up your high flying job in the City for a job in a garden centre.

Retraining is one of the best ways to change jobs and improve your job satisfaction. So when your job motivation goes for a dive why not consider training in something else either at adult education classes or by enrolling for a degree or diploma.

Don’t be put off changing jobs because the employment market is not especially buoyant at the moment. If you don’t do it today (or at the very least put in motion some preliminary steps to do it) you may never do it. How much more time will you waste on a job that your heart is no longer into? A job with no motivation is servitude. Okay you need the money, don’t we all, but with some good planning and some positive attitude we can all change things for the better!

If you don’t know what you want to do instead of the job you are doing at the moment, sometimes it’s easier to think of the jobs you would rather NOT be doing. Write out a list. From lists come great things – I am a firm believer in the humble list (can you tell?)!

Look to your skills and interests to determine other career directions. Think of the skills you have that are transferrable to other jobs, such as good people skills or secretarial skills.

Grab a copy of the local adult education college prospectus. Have a glance down the index to see if anything grabs you there. You may think its going to be tiring to do this on top of your day job and I won’t disagree, but somehow, the thought of it all being worthwhile in the end and leading to a better job is hugely energizing! Go for it!

A change is as good as a rest! If you fancy a change of job – go for it! The world awaits you!

In these times of high unemployment we’ve tried to find a few vocations that could be considered as a “start up” business. Some of them need a fair amount of formal training but others can be tried for a few weeks before setting yourself up as a chimney sweep, curtain fitter or floor cleaner.

When considering setting up any new business that has contact with members of the public or their property it is absolutely essential that you give careful consideration to liability insurance. In this crazy world it seems that every other advertisement on the TV is imploring us to claim claim claim for any little incident or accident. Headmasters are frightened to open their schools if there’s snow in the playground. Shopping centres are being sued by mothers whose children soiled their pants because the toilets were too far away. A school teacher told little Jimmy several times about rocking backwards on his chair, to which he responded that his Mum had told him to do it so that they could claim some money when he fell. With things such as this happening, it would be complete madness to take a chance and not pay for liability insurance. This website offers a price comparison facility for public liability insurance, meaning that you only have to type in your details once and their system will fetch quotes from many different insurance companies. Liability insurance for certain professions such as roofers can look rather expensive but who can put a price on peace of mind?. Incidentally, there’s a really full explanation of liability insurance on Insurance Advisor, it’s worth a read if you have any questions.

We take a look at careers and vocations that might be suitable for anybody finding themselves jobless